Current and Existing Clients

Clients who have invested in improving their people and performance, supported by Matt Driver Consulting:

(a Polish consultancy with whom I have collaborated over the past 5 years)
  • Heavy engineering company
  • Precision engineering company
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Post-graduate medical schools
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • NHS regional bodies
  • Hospital trusts
  • National sports bodies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Banks
  • Media organisations

It has been a pleasure to work with Matt during the delivery of our Coaching Skills Training Programme.  The standard of training delivered has been consistently high, and has evaluated very well.  Participants on the training course have commented on how much they have learnt from the breadth of his experience – this is reflected in the quality of anecdote he uses as well as his varied and adaptable teaching style.  He was quick to establish a high level of engagement amongst participants, partly through the professionalism he brings to his work, and partly through his trademark warmth and wit.  He has responded to queries promptly and delivered high quality materials to schedule.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt as a trainer, facilitator and supervisor.

Consultant, Yorkshire

I continue to be struck by how powerful their training courses are, compared with almost any other course I had been on. Matt and Jenny are acknowledged and reputed experts in the field of coaching, and have also built up extensive experience of working with and training doctors and other healthcare professionals –their courses are remarkably responsive to participants’ needs as a result. Their courses are always extremely hands on and participative, hugely enjoyable and highly effective, rapidly transforming the way participants approach working with patients, colleagues and teams, with lasting effects.

General Practitioner, London, UK