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Coaching Positively

My very first job seemed perfect at first: I had the right degree and a good postgraduate qualification. But within six months I started to feel drained and de-motivated. I found that, although I did the job well, I preferred doing almost anything else. Since then I have met many …

Coaching Positively New! Translations

Lessons for Coaches from Positive Psychology by Matt Driver Now available in German and Chinese! German Coaching Positively is now available in German under the title ‘Positives Coaching’.  The excellent translation was done by my colleague Jürgen Hargens. Buy from Amazon Chinese My publisher McGraw Hill have announced that translation …

Bring Your Strengths to the Front

The obsession with failure and what does not work lies deep within the British psyche. I have to confess that I inherited it too, indeed I inhaled it as a youngster. My life contained a lot of ‘if onlys’ and ‘shouldn’ts’.