Coaching Positively

Lessons for Coaches from Positive Psychology by Matt Driver

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Coaching PositivelyThis straightforward, practical book brings together:

  • Substantial psychological research
  • 15 years of training professionals of all kinds in coaching skills
  • Thousands of hours of coaching
  • Learning from a wide network of coaches and coaching tutors
  • Best practices based on outcomes from past coaching clients
  • The importance of relationships, autonomy and achievement in coaching

Coaching Positively is the book that the coaching profession needed. The growing positive psychology evidence base has a multitude of applications to coaching, and Matt Driver shows us exactly how in this superb book. Blending narrative case examples with masterly insights from the empirical literature, Driver provides a roadmap that will help any coach become masterfully effective in applying the lessons of positive psychology in their coaching… The result is a golden resource for coaches looking for the missing ingredient that enables them to help their clients achieve their goals – and keep achieving them. If you’re a coach who wants your clients to succeed, this is the book that will help you ensure they do.

– Alex Linley, Founding Director, Capp
Author of The Strengths Book: Be Confident, Be Successful and Enjoy Better Relationships by Realising the Best of You.

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McGraw Hill/Open University Press, 2011
978-0-335-24115-6 Paperback
978-0-335-24114-9 Hardback
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