Team Coaching

  • A newly constituted board?
  • Starting out with a new team?
  • Poor team relationships getting in the way of performance?
  • Need to think about how you work as a management team?
  • New challenges or new levels of performance required?

If any of these apply to you and your team, then a collaborative team working event might be just what you need.

Teams don’t just run themselves. The wheels need oiling, working practices need to be challenged or reviewed. Relationships need to be maintained as they are vital to end performance.

I work on my own, and sometimes with some exceptional colleagues, to facilitate and coach teams towards improved performance. I have worked with teams in many different sectors including manufacturing, health and education.

My Approach

  • Study and training in psychology including both academic and applied schools
  • Belief that team performance is crucially driven by the quality of the relationships within the team
  • The assumption that effective team working is a means of improving performance both among the team itself and among those for whom its members are responsible
  • Using principles from the work of Burke and Litwin on the importance of work group climate
  • Positive psychology themes such as the importance of positive emotion at work, setting the right goals and having an empowered mindset.

My recent work has included:

  • Working with the board of an ambulance service to review the culture they lead
  • Building the multi-site finance team in a multinational manufacturing company
  • Strengthening relationships among a new team at an educational establishment