Leadership Development

What situation do you find yourself in? Has the bar been raised? Do you need your leaders to step up to a new level of performance? Are you having to achieve more with fewer people?

This may be time to look at developing your leaders still further. Positive leadership is not a deficit model: you probably have good people. It’s just that collectively you need to achieve more.

Together,  and in collaboration with other outstanding leadership developers, we can work to make the leadership changes you need to achieve sustainable improvements in performance.

My Approach

  • Positive psychology. In particular, we focus on identifying and building people’s underlying strengths. Strengths are not just things we do well, but the things which, when we use them, give us energy and motivation. Strengths-based leadership has been shown to produce improved commitment and performance.
  • The engagement of the whole organisation, from the top. Development approaches which used to focus only on junior or middle managers have been shown to have only short-term benefits.
  • The fundamental link to business performance. This link needs to be clear and explicit. These programs are often a significant investment and they need to show bottom-line impact.
  • Developing high-level coaching skills. This gives key leaders the capability to have a wider range of powerful conversations with their people, fostering motivation, greater ownership of results and therefore higher performance.
  • Research into high performing leaders in many types of organizations. These include sporting bodies, manufacturing, retail and public sector organisations.

Any Size, Any Situation

Organisations of any size or field will benefit from a trainer with master’s level educational background plus more than 20 years’ experience in a wide range of settings. Some recent projects include:

  • Developing leaders in a major national sports body
  • Helping the top 100 in a large development organisation to raise their game in a changing, highly politicised environment
  • Enabling a high-technology manufacturer to be more competitive
  • Helping a major retailer build a more dynamic culture
  • Working with senior doctors to enable them to take on managerial and leadership responsibilities with greater confidence