One-to-One Coaching

We all are faced with challenges but may not know quite how to get there. Are you faced with major changes in your professional or personal life? Tough decisions to make? A challenging new role? Not quite managing to achieve what you want?

Coaching sessions with a skilled, accredited coach who works personally with you will help clarify what you want to achieve and how to get there.

Positive coaching is primarily supportive rather than directive, helping you tap into your own resources – but it is structured and focused and can be very challenging as you uncover assumptions and fixed beliefs that may get in the way.

My Approach

  • Positive Psychology: a relatively new and fast developing area of psychology focusing on people at their best. It includes approaches such as goal setting, having the right mindset, fostering positive thoughts and emotions and working with strengths.
  • Gestalt theory: an established field of psychotherapy and coaching based on the assumption that change is generated from within the relationship built between coach and coachee and that coaching is not ‘doing’ something to others but is a joint project which depends on equality and both parties being fully present in body, mind and intention.
  • NLP (Neuro – linguistic programming): an approach to applied psychology originally based on observations of successful people. Many of its approaches have been supported more recently by neuro-science. These include advanced thinking skills, building rapport and tackling self-limiting beliefs.
  • My personal beliefs in the value of every person and of collaborative working.

After more than 10,000 hours of coaching experience, I’ve encountered a wide variety clients (names omitted for confidentiality):

  • An entrepreneur looking to restructure his business and his life.
  • An international executive looking to rise to Director level.
  • A senior teacher overcoming some major hurdles to his career progression.
  • A finance director looking to manage herself and her career through a major restructuring.
  • A high-potential executive facing potential career derailment.
  • A technically skilled executive promoted to a highly politicised new role.